Addressing employee motivation essay

The first three needs physiological, safety and social are lower-order needs and next two needs ego and self-actualisation are higher-order needs. These are the basic needs that people want to satisfy. They are the need for food, clothing, shelter and other necessities of life.

Addressing employee motivation essay

Addressing employee motivation essay

Cross-Cultural Determinants of Employee Motivation in Starbucks Company Introduction Starbucks has served as a milestone in the coffee industry and is a massive organization in terms of people employed and stores owned.

He constantly builds upon the working experience of employees, providing chances of promotion, and treating workers as working partners is their way to operate sustainability. He firmly believes that the spirit of Starbucks is employees and feels honored about the value of Starbucks employees.

Despite serving in many countries, Starbucks has a similar organizational structure; as a result, it does not take into account the cross cultural determinants. It has been criticized for its approach; also because, employees of some countries like UK are not as satisfied as employees from Poland and Germany, thus Starbucks must make use of cross-cultural determinants in order to improve its management methords.

One of the most proficient theory, the Hofstede theory states that the motivational factors of every country are different and thus must be looked into before a company, such as Starbucks sets its motivational methods.

This research attempts to access these theories in reference to Starbucks, and its motivational methods across nations. It looks at a comparison between the way Starbucks company treats or must treat its employees across UK, Poland and Germany.

Brief Overview The Starbucks Company is a vast and well constructed multi-national, which serves in 40 countries.

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It has to keep in mind various cross-cultural determinant while bringing in its motivational schemes. However, it has been criticized for not taking into account, cross-cultural determinants when building its management cultural across countries.

It is often assessed, that the employees of countries like UK, seem to be less motivated than employees from Poland and Germany. This paper talks about all possible schemes in relation to motivational theories, that can be adopted by Starbucks,chiefly the Hofstede theory.

The factors of this theory are highly relevant and can be implemented in various ways to improve performance. Another factor of the Hofstede theory is Masculinity, the dominant values in society being material success versus femininity, caring for others and the quality of life.

UK, Poland and Germany, are Masculine societies, driven by competition, achievement and financial success. Starbucks even gave its UK staff shares worth around? This is an important factor to look into a country when bringing in new innovations, and the planning of how the change has to be implemented.

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Managers of UK can bring in new ideas easily and with more enthusiasm while managers in Germany and Poland have to bring in changes subtely because people resist from breaking orthodox norms uneasy.

The theory includes a comparison between countries which have more, individualism everyone is expected to look after themselves and their immediate family against collectivism, and cultures in which people are bound into strong and cohesive groups.

UK, Germany and Poland, are individualistic societies, where the route to happiness is through individual accomplishment. The culture in Starbucks is of mutual advantage, thus workers usually do a fruitful job but all these factors must be kept in mind.

Understanding all the cross-cultural determinants including these is crucial for a company which serves such a wide range of cultures; their observation along with development on these lines, must all be looked into, in order to bring out the best results.

It outlines the effect on culture in relation to common objectives, employee motivation and loyalty.Nov 18,  · Employee motivation theories essay. 4 stars based on 60 reviews Essay. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply.

Your email address will not be published. Search. Contact Us. Use the form below to contact us! Send. There are content theories, process theories and reinforcement theories which can dominate employee literature review will be discussed with reference to factors of Herzberg's theory of motivation, namely, hygiene and motivation factors and how these factors could influence satisfaction of this paper, Herzberg's.

Addressing Employee Motivation Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 A problematic work situation relating to a HRM concept in Book 2 4 A description of the work problem 4 Analysis of my experience using my chosen concepts 5 Proposed solutions to the problem 6 Relevant Web sites 8 References 9 Part 2 – TGF discussions 10 Executive Summary.

Employees’ motivation Essay. This study aims to measure the statement: ‘the manner to actuate employees is to pay them every bit much as they want ‘ - Employees’ motivation Essay introduction.

It will reexamine through several researches and counterpoints of money and actuating factors.

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Essay on Addressing Employee Motivation Addressing Employee Motivation Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 A problematic work situation relating to a HRM concept in Book 2 4 A description of the work problem 4 Analysis of my experience using my chosen concepts 5 Proposed solutions to the problem 6 Relevant Web sites 8.

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