An analysis of jfk assassination

The network presented this finding as part of an exhaustive reinvestigation of the assassination, to which it committed unprecedented resources and airtime.

An analysis of jfk assassination

It's been over forty years since the assassination of president John F. Kennedy, but rumors still abound that a conspiracy was behind it. A new study of the evidence says that's very unlikely. Transcript Vetting a conspiracy theory. I'm Bob Hirshon and this is Science Update.

But that's very unlikely, according to retired atmospheric chemist Ken Rahn. He and ballistics specialist and statistician Larry Sturdivan have re-analyzed the data from two major forensic studies of the assassination.

With good statistical techniques, you can understand what the results are trying to say with a clarity and a force that we don't think was available before. They showed that despite apparent chemical differences, the tiny bullet fragments recovered from the president's limousine matched the larger bullets found in his body.

Those bullets, in turn, have been conclusively matched to Oswald's rifle. Rahn says the odds of this happening by chance with two shooters are as little as a million to one.

Perhaps it reflects the An analysis of jfk assassination nature of the event: Also, the mystique that surrounded Kennedy and his family has probably added fuel to the fire. Rahn and Sturdivan didn't conduct a whole new investigation; they just re-analyzed the data from two main studies: Although both studies were basically sound, their data was confusing and difficult to understand, and contained small errors that clouded the finality of their conclusions.

To suggest that more people were involved in the assassination, conspiracy theorists often note that although three shots were fired that day, and the shots that hit the President all occurred within 4.

That would make Oswald unlikely to be the only shooter—IF all three shots actually hit the President. However, Rahn and Sturdivan's analysis show that the first shot probably missed the President's car altogether.

An analysis of jfk assassination

That leaves plenty of time for the two shots that did hit to be fired from Oswald's rifle. Rahn and Sturdivan drew important conclusions about the chemical composition of the bullets found at the scene. They show that the particular brand of bullet Oswald used, manufactured at that particular time, had chemical properties that tended to vary much more widely than most other bullets from the same batch.

Specifically, an element called antimony, which is often used as a marker in forensic evidence, distributes itself very unevenly in these bullets. That's important because there were five bullet fragments found at the scene: Because the proportion of antimony in these bullets varied widely, some people believed they must have been different brands of bullet, and therefore probably from another person's rifle.

But Rahn and Sturdivan showed that this variation in antimony is exactly what you would expect for the type of bullets Oswald used. Moreover, they showed that the fragments of bullets found on the ground and in the car chemically matched the bullets found in the President's brain, which were traced, using ballistics, exclusively to Oswald's rifle.

This rules out the possibility that someone planted extra bullet fragments at the scene. The researchers also were able to show, for the first time, the statistical probabilities for popular conspiracy theories.

When you throw out that extremely unlikely assumption, the chances go down to as small as one in a million. Why did Rahn and Sturdivan conduct this study?Photo and film analysis in the JFK assassination has 1, members.

This group is dedicated in studying photos and films taken before, during and after. Assassination of John F.

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Kennedy; President Kennedy with his wife, Jacqueline, and Texas Governor John Connally with his wife, Nine months later the FBI removed the curb, and a spectrographic analysis revealed metallic residue consistent with that of the lead core in Oswald's ammunition.

Using neutron activation analysis, researchers found chemical analysis of bullets is not nearly as precise as JFK investigators thought, and that the government reports are 'fundamentally flawed.' New Forensic Analysis Shoots Holes in .

John F. Kennedy The John F. Kennedy assassination Dictabelt recording was a recording from a motorcycle police officer's radio microphone stuck in the open position that became a key piece of evidence cited by the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) in their conclusion that there was a conspiracy behind the assassination of John F.

The National Archives is releasing documents previously withheld in accordance with the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act.

The vast majority of the Collection (88%) has been open in full and released to the public since the late s.

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Dr. Rahn maintains The Academic JFK Assassination Site, devoted to scientific analysis of the JFK data. The Skeptic Society and Skeptic magazine are devoted to the scientific investigation of controversial or extraordinary ideas.

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