Free graphic organizers for writing a paragraph powerpoint

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Free graphic organizers for writing a paragraph powerpoint

With this product, students learn how to write a paragraph that has a topic sentence, at least 3 supporting details, transitional words and phrases, and a closing sentence. With my detailed lesson plans and resources, you will know exactly how to begin and how to guide your students through each step of the writing process as they write a well-written paragraph.

DAY 1 To begin your instruction of teaching how to write an organized paragraph, you will first use the slide PowerPoint.

It follows the following format: Slides Introduces the subject in a fun way. Begins with a hypothetical story where the students go to a restaurant and order a burger, but the waiter brings them just a bun. Slides Topic Sentence Slides Supporting Details Slides Transitions These slides thoroughly teach what transition words and phrases are.

I use a train to explain what transition words are and that they connect all of the cars. This anchor chart can hang on the wall so that students can refer to it throughout the year.

Or, for those of you who prefer teaching with an anchor chart over a PowerPoint, I have included instructions on how to do that.

Click the preview to see what the finished product of the bulletin board looks like. DAY 2 After going through the PowerPoint, or after making an anchor chart with your class, students begin the writing process by responding to a prompt and brainstorming what supporting details they want to use.

Then they organize their ideas in one of the hamburger graphic organizers there are 9 different designs to choose from. Then they draft their ideas onto rough draft paper, which is included.

My rough draft paper choices are unique because there are pages that just have lines, or you can choose pages that have checkboxes at the bottom. My favorite is the one that has ARMS checkboxes at the bottoms.

Add more detail, remove unnecessary details, move words around, and substitute boring words. I have my students use those checkboxes to revise their writing. To do so, all they have to do is trade papers with someone and then fill in one of the peer editing sheets that I have included.

Then, the next day, you can hold a writing conference with all of your students. I have provided conference forms that you can use.

free graphic organizers for writing a paragraph powerpoint

They are designed to help you group your students. If you notice that one of your students is struggling with their closing sentence, then you write their name in that group. DAY 4 Students meet with you either individually or in groupsand strive to have a growth mindset as you show them what they did well and what they can improve.

DAY 5 Students publish their writing on lined paper that I have provided. Just open up the PowerPoint and scroll to the bottom. Type in their name and then have the student read their paragraph to the class OR you can type their paragraph into the PowerPoint.Teachers: Use the following graphic organizers with any piece of literature to practice the skills in the Common Core Standards: Reading Literature.

Each organizer is labeled with the correlating standard it .

Organizing Students

Five-Paragraph Essay - TeacherVision Help students write five-paragraph essays with a graphic printable is customizable. Graphic Organizer; Five-Paragraph Essay Five PDF graphic organizer for the five-paragraph essay (Bucks College) Graphic Organizer for a Five-Paragraph Essay Paragraph 1: Introduction Paragraph 3: Second Body Paragraph (Point 2) Paragraph 4: .

This is a 5 paragraph graphic organizer to help students organize their thoughts for writing. Students can draft their introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and their body paragraph page has a "topic" line and numbered "details" Model Graphic Organizer for the Argumentative Essay Support your claim Refute the objections Ask the question(s) Express your viewpoint Evidence.

This product has been updated (6/12/14) to include SEVEN writing graphic organizers your students can use to plan and organize their writing pieces: narrative writing, two versions of opinion writing, informational writing, and how-to writing.

graphic organizers for teachers to use, find printable graphic organizers, which include, a venn diagram graphic organizer, a five paragraph essay graphic organizer and a powerpoint slide graphic organizer in addition, there are specific directions on.

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