Garlic for mosquitoes

About Zoe Mosquitoes find you primarily by your scent.

Garlic for mosquitoes

Related Most of us are agreed that tiny flying creatures like mosquitoes are Garlic for mosquitoes, they suck our blood and leaving a red spots in our skin. Transferring dangerous diseases such as malaria, chikungunya and dengue fever are another reason why we have to get rid of this creatures and drives it away from our house.

Many kinds of insectisides are invented and commercially used by most of us in order to fight this creatures. This article will provides you with the information that you could replace your daily expenses for dealing with the mosquitoes in a smart and economic ways.

And yes, the nature has provided us with the richness of its collection including the vegetations that can repel mosquitoes away from our house.

Basil mosquito rapellent — Basil The leaves from this vegetations has peppery odor.

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The best types of Basil due to repelling mosquitoes are cinnamon, Peruvian and lemon basil. Provides them with a moist soil, proper drainage to grow and a lot of sunlight. And let them do the job for you, which are keeping the mosquitoes and other annoying insects away from your house environment.

Ageratum mosquito rapellent — Ageratum This flower has gifted with rich colour which makes it beautiful, many people use this plants as their garden decorative collection. The scent from Ageratum is pretty strong because this flower have an organic subtance called coumarin, a commonly used subtance for man-made mosquitoes repellent.

The light flavour from garlic can make the mosquitoes fly so far away from you. Thanks to garlic, now we can use them not only for spices but also for repelling mosquitoes as well.

Horsemint mosquito rapellent — Horsemint — images: It will expanded very well in the sun for sure. The flower is pink, this plant also can ward off those annoying creatures we hate the most. Catnip mosquito rapellent — Catnip These vegetations belongs to the Mint family.

The Catnip has botanical name called nepeta cataria. It can expands around 1,5 metres on a sunny environment. Catnip is a seasonal plant. Lavender mosquito rapellent — Lavender Lavender is our next mosquitoes repellent plants in our list. It only need a warm weather.

Garlic for mosquitoes

Lavender can be increased and raised to 2 metres in height. The best way to grow lavender is to put them in a sufficient sunlight. Lemongrass is a common vegetation discovered in India.

This seasonal vegetation can grow up to 1 metre in heigth and a friendly area is a must for growing Lemongrass.

14 Garden Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Although it has unattractive physical appearance but this plant is strong enough to repelling mosquitoes.Garlic cloves have a component named as “allicin.” Allicin is the essential oil of garlic that has a strong and pungent smell.

Mosquitos hate this scent. This scent is highly allergic to all the mosquitos or parasites and prevents the many diseases spread by them. To get rid of mosquitoes put dry ice in a container by making certain. Garlic Oil as an alternative mosquito killer spray Essay.

INTRODUCTION “Scientists aren’t sure why, but mosquitoes don’t seem to like garlic - Garlic Oil as an alternative mosquito killer spray Essay introduction. One study in India found that people who rubbed a garlicky concoction on their arms and legs weren’t bothered by the pesky buggers.

"A lot of people think that if you eat a lot of garlic, if you eat a lot of bananas, if you maybe put a bounce sheet in your pocket, that all of those things will keep mosquitoes away.".

If you have a high allicin (garlic's active anti-microbial ingredient) blood count, mosquitoes will refuse to engage with your blood. If you are infected, garlic can eliminate the virus because it is a proven anti-microbial, killing both viruses and bacteria.

Use these to home remedies for mosquitoes to keep mosquitoes away (or stop down the itching if you manage to get a bug bite). Reader’s Digest Editors Jun Garlic. iStock/Angus Gunn. According to the University of Florida, there is no proof that eating onions, or any other foods, such as garlic or bananas, will repel mosquitoes from you.

Some people use onion and feel it works.

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