Go get the belt

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Go get the belt

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I bought it before I became vegan and found it in the bottom of my drawer the other day. My initial thought was, I have to throw it out. After all, one cow, or more, was skinned horrifically to produce that item — something I conveniently glossed over when I bought it many years ago.

If all our old leather goods — mixed with plastics and toxic chemicals — end up in landfill sites, in the ocean somewhere, or in a second or third world dumping ground for western trash, would that really be a better solution? And so I got to thinking that perhaps I should take care of the belt for as long as possible: But then I think no: It stands to reason that any vegan or animal rights activist wearing animal-based clothing would be called out as hypocritical by both vegans and non-vegans.

So, my next though was to considere giving the belt away. I could give it to a charity shop, or someone I know who needs a belt. So it begs the question, what should vegans do with their old leather products? Should it all be thrown in the bin? Should it be given to charity? Should it be given to friends in need?

Should it be used until worn out?


Is it the case that existing leather products should still be put to good use, while at the same time campaigning against the leather industry and for production to stop? Does it further insult the animals by tossing their skin into the bin?

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Should we honour their memory by using the products until they are no longer usable? Should we let these products be a reminder of why we need to stop this antiquated, horrific trade? I am eliminating leather goods from my life, and indeed silk, wool products too. I am also replacing all my toiletries with cruelty-free brands.

It is a transition that takes time, and longer for some than others. One thing is for sure: If we do decide to give a leather product away, we need to make damn sure we educate the person we are giving it to on the horrors of the leather industry. Perhaps they can serve as educational tools and stark daily reminders of why animals are not for us to wear or exploit in any way.

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Go get the belt

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i used to get the belt when i was a kid, and it made me respectful and a damn Status: Resolved. Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification program is offered by TQMI, a certified Six Sigma Training provider in India.

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Why I’m Vegan But Still Have a Leather Belt [MUST READ]

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