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Thank you for 30 great years in Grand Haven, MI! Great Lakes Kite Fest: We could not be happier with the support of our fliers and spectators during the 30 years we hosted this event. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Kite festival

Kite Festival Kite Festival International Kite Festival is one of the most colorful festivals of Rajasthan which provides unlimited fun and frolic. The popularity of the International Kite Festival in Jaipur is such that it attracts kite fliers from far off corners of the country. The thrill and excitement lingers in the air and everyone is enchanted.

It marks the end of the winter season and the advent of warmer winds! Sincere artisans work hard on making kites and the long thread attached to it since many years.

It is only this time of the year where they sell in huge quantities, different types of kites with various messages written on them, or in myriad shapes, diverse colours or patterns too!

The International Kite festival attracts kite lovers from the entire globe to participate in the contest. The more the kites, the more the joy, excitement and adventure in the city!

To add to the fun, the Force helicopters aerially release kites from above and even school children throw balloons in the air to multiply the colors in the sky! There are two sections to the competition: Where the former contest focuses on showcasing their skills through a nail-biting and intense competition to win, the latter is more of exhibiting their colourful and attractive kites through their exuberance.

Every day sees prizes distributed and winners awarded special dinners. The Kite festival is inaugurated at the Jaipur Polo Ground. The last day of celebration and the prize distribution too is held after three days, at the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur.

Kite festival

People are seen taking sides, cheering for their favourite side to win! Giving them company are the drum beats, picking up their sticks when a kite goes down.

Kites are cut down and some continue to sail high in the sky!

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The ecstasy and determination is all there. All kite flyers have an enemy! Sweets and savouries are another part of this festival. Til Laddu, Gajak and Papdi are some of the delicacies prepared by the women in the house on this occasion.

The festival kick starts on 14th January at the Jaipur Polo Ground and the grandeur ends with a Finale of the two contests being held at Umaid Bhawan Palace extant lawns in Jodhpur on 16th January.Kite Festival Fun. Kite festivals are great for getting the family outside, moving around and having fun.

For some of us older folks, they bring us back to our childhoods and offer an opportunity to pass that fun down to the next generation. @ | All rights reserved. TOP. Sunfest Kite Festival Event Schedule. Thursday – 9/20 Long Tail Thursday. All Day Giant Kite Air Show.

All Day Free Fly. All Day Free Sport Kite lessons. Fly any kite with a long tail. Friday – 9/21 Feline Friday.

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All Day Free Sport Kite Lessons. Ocean Shores Festival of Colors (Kite Flying) June What a great family event for novice to professional kite flyers! Come fly a kite or enjoy the antics of colorful kites filling the skies. Held on the Beach off of Damon Rd.

Kite festival

Call or visit milwaukee kite festival july- aug We are proud to be part of these up coming events in and around Chicago,and many towns in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa,Indiana,Kansas,Ohio Kentucky and Alabama and all over the Midwest.

The eighth annual Blossom Kite Festival showcases the creativity of kite makers and skill of fliers from across the US and other countries through a variety of competitions and demonstrations, Rokkaku Battles and the Hot Tricks Showdown.

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