Model writing activities

Help with Writing Assignments: Louis, MO," you are ready to fill out the power-writing umbrella. The umbrella is a visual cue to help you remember that all your sentences and paragraphs should fit under the topic that you have written on your umbrella.

Model writing activities

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model writing activities

How to Use 1. Three After the lesson, have each student record three things he or she learned from the lesson. One Then, have students record one question they still have about the material. You can use this information to help develop future lessons and determine if some of the material needs to be taught again.

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When to Use Use Three-Two-One at any time during a lesson to encourage students to think about their learning: As a Check for Understanding during any portion of the lesson During class discussions as a way for students to record their thoughts As a closing activity so that students can review what was learned in the lesson As an exit ticket at the end of the class period Variations Compare and Contrast As a way to compare and contrast, have students record three similarities between two items, two differences, and one question they still have about them.

Reading When reading, have students record three of the most important ideas from the text, two supporting details for each of the ideas, and one question they have about each of the ideas. Pyramid Have the students create a triangle and divide it into three sections horizontally.

In the bottom section, the students record three things they learned for the day. In the middle section, the students record two questions they have.

In the top section, the students describe how the information learned is applicable to their everyday lives. Academic Vocabulary To increase comprehension and use of academic language, ask students to explore a concept through First, have them speak with a partner.

Provide the structure for 3 minutes of conversation using targeted academic language.The Writing Book The Oral Language Book Digital Graphics Package Stickers Stamps. News & free resources.

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Lesson Plans Activities Fun & Games. Sign Up. Join us to receive free writing, reading and oral language activities. Poetry Lesson Plans. last edited 2 years, 7 months ago A Rebus Poem as a model for using rebus writing to create wonderful poetry.

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Grades Compiling Poetry Collections and a Working Definition of Poetry This unit introduces students to a variety of poetic forms and elements, as they compile their own collections of poetry. The Writing Company features more than 15, books, reproducible activities, DVDs, posters and more that can be ordered online.

Free resources include catalogs, and .

model writing activities

Research Base Underlying the Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop’s Approach to Literacy Instruction The Reading and Writing Project’s work reflects some core beliefs and values. One of the most important of these is that raising the level of literacy for children is an act of social justice.

Guess what? Here's something fresh for your lessons! It's a growing collection of visual writing prompts so that you're never out of writing ideas again! Present these to your students, one at a time. Our word wall is a list of sight words that First Graders frequently use in their writing.

These words are introduced at the rate of 5 per week.

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