Not all men are sly foxes thesis

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Not all men are sly foxes thesis

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. However, he fails to persuade us because of his use of hasty generalizations, oversimplifications, and unfair use of information. In fact, in other books men are presented as good fathers providing stability and discipline within the home.

Fathers are still being portrayed with the same negative stereotypical lines, such as harsh, cold, and neglectful. The mothers, on the other hand, are primarily the warm, gentle, loving, caregivers and nurturers to their children.

For examples he uses, Mother Goose and the Sly Fox and the Little Gorilla, which shows only the mother hugging the son, not the father. Other negative stereotypes can be found among various literature aimed at the parents of small children.

He oversimplifies that by changing these books for women, it is discriminating against men. As the books are stereotypical of men, he is stereotypical of the books.

Making a hasty generalization based on these books, he implies that mothers are shown as naturally the caregivers and nurturers, while men are just there to provide the income and discipline. A comparison between the two is shown clearly in one book called Mother Goose and the Sly Fox.

Tying in with this hasty generalization, and oversimplification is his unfair use of information. He gathers all this information from just his local library, which only contains a certain amount of books. Fathers are the patriarchs of the household. They are the ones who are there when we need them the most, not just for discipline, but for other things as well.

Mothers are not the only ones who can provide that affection needed by the child, fathers can do the same.

Good fathers have that responsibility of teaching their children how men are supposed to be, not books. Books are for entertainment only. In his resolution to this contradiction, he states that young children like to believe what they hear, especially from the parent.

It is up to the parent to select the appropriate reading material for their child. Ignoring those men who share equally in raising the child, as the mother, will only create a generation of men who have been told that fathers play a secondary role in the home.

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In order to root out this discrimination towards fathers, Brott says we must also teach our kids that men are supposed to be caregivers and nurturers as well as women. The first step towards this is showing it to their children.

More essays like this:Feb 19,  · Not All Men Are Sly Foxes Journal Prompt: Yes, I do agree that young children are strongly influenced by books parents and teachers read to them.

At the early stages of childhood, they are just learning about the world. Thesis: There is, however, one very large group whose portrayal continues to follow the same stereotypical. As a direct consequence, the band spent eight months off-and-on in the studio not only recording the album but getting used to—and experimenting with—the new technology.

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Not all men are sly foxes thesis

Dec 03,  · In Armin A. Brott's essay Not All Men Are Sly Foxes, what is the thesis of Brott's essay? Where is it stated succinctly?Status: Resolved. In Armin A. Brott's Essay "Not All Men Are Sly Foxes," he asserts that men are not presented as good fathers.

To back this up, he tells us that several.

Not all men are sly foxes thesis

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Not All Men Are Sly Foxes | Essay Example