Silas marner theme essay

It deals with things such as greed, prejudice, superstition, love, isolation and others.

Silas marner theme essay

Silas Marner — The Weaver of Raveloe Silas Marner was one of those rare persons when he came to live in Raveloe, he left his hometown and very disappointed by all the people there and having lost faith in God, now Silas marner theme essay lives only for his work as a weaver, collecting the gold.

Because as we know from previous Marner lived in a community where he was a member of the church and was a faithful person who trusted God.

But, Silas early faith the one I have just mentioned is distinctly different from the faith he regains in later years, particularly in Raveloe. Marner believes God will reveal his innocence, but when the church draws lots to make a decision and declare him guilty, he loses his faith in God, and wants to escpae and hide even from it.

Instead of this, the author presents certain aspects of religion that she believes are prone to creating uncertainty and confusion. Silas Marner states that how one treats others is more important that the religion one follows or if one believes in God. Eliot is very careful to never attack the existence of God, even when Silas feels betrayed, he keeps his faith in the existence of God, but he believes that there is no just God that governs the earth righteously but a God of lies.

Because it is not only that Silas lives isolated, but there is something definitely wrong with the country folks themselves, their ignorance and nastiness. Therefore what narrator is doing is implicitly making a distinction between the true and false religion, according to the main character and the society.

The fifteen years of isolation and after that the discovery of the little girl Eppie whom Silas raises with the love and care makes him rediscover an interest in human connection.

What is more important is that Silas regains his faith and this time probably stronger than before. It is Eppie who is a gift to Silas and her love and care a reminder that he should again believe in life and living.

Silas marner theme essay

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Silas marner theme essay

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Essay for education today. In a critical essay “The Breaks in Silas Marner” this point is also displayed and also as with its metaphysical beliefs, it occurs in Raveloe’s social interactions.

“Raveloe’s social interactions differ in kind as well as in degree from those of Lantern Yard. Theme Of Greed Essay Examples. An Analysis of the Many Important Themes Presented in the Book Silas Marner Written By George Eliot. words. 1 page. An Analysis of the Theme of Greed in Macbeth, a Play by William Shakespeare.

words. 2 pages. The . The life of Silas Marner was the theme in the book.

Notes on Silas Marner Themes

Although people go through so many hardships in life, they should never lose hope of life and love. Eppie best described the end of Silas Marner. Related Documents: Silas Marner Draft 1 Essay Essay on Final Draft 1 GC/MS data indicated the presence of Icosane (Eicosane), which is a petroleum derived fuel and TPPO, a polyaromatic compound commonly found in fertilizers.

The major theme of Silas Marner is of course the influence of "pure, natural human relationships," but there are several others. Some of these are never the subject of a direct statement, but constant repetition brings them to the reader's attention, and the novel draws some sort of conclusion about them.

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