Summary of clinical governance

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Summary of clinical governance

Consult this sample professional summary for an example. Provide sufficient—and sufficiently clear—detail Potential patients want to gauge at a glance whether you have expertise they need.

My clinical expertise focuses on comprehensive pain management for acute postoperative and chronic pain patients and the administration of anesthesia for a wide variety of surgical cases. As a physician for the inpatient Acute Pain Service, I attend to the needs of postoperative pain patients, including those with epidural and peripheral nerve catheters.

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In my role in the multidisciplinary outpatient Chronic Pain Clinic, I evaluate and treat patients with a variety of chronic and cancer-related pain. Describe what distinguishes you from other physicians in your specialty Do you have experience treating a particular condition or performing a particular surgical or diagnostic technique?

Do you hold any patents? Have you worked overseas or with distinct local patient populations? Connect your work to a specific patient base Often, clinical interests are tied to particular patient types.

Make those connections explicit wherever you can: My clinical interests include a comprehensive array of hand and upper extremity disorders such as fractures, tendon and nerve injuries, paralytic disorders and arthritic conditions.

I have a particular interest in surgery of the upper limb in patients who have suffered strokes or traumatic head injuries. Include at least one sentence indicating how your expertise and ongoing research supports patient care: Will your work help to develop new kinds of antibiotics?

What specific kinds of people does your work help expectant mothers, MS patients, people in underserved communities? Include numbers where they add to your profile Where they will strengthen the sense of your capability and expertise, include numbers such as years of experience, approximate numbers of patients treated and so on.

I employ both technological advances and more than a decade of experience in pain management practice to provide effective pain relief for cancer and non-cancer patients. Even when using broader terms for numbers and time periods, remember that you still need to periodically update this type of information to keep your profile current.

Prioritize and organize your content Use separate paragraphs for each topic within your profile. If you are part of UBMD, describe your clinical expertise first. This will help potential patients quickly assess whether you can help them when they read your profile on the UBMD website.

If you have expertise in multiple clinical areas, describe each one in its own paragraph. If you practice as a clinician and conduct research, use one paragraph to describe your clinical expertise and approach and another to describe your research.Executive Summary Clinical Governance – Developing A Strategic Approach This consultation document is aimed at all NHS organisations and the consultation questions are concerned with ongoing policy development.

The Importance of Data Governance in Healthcare An Encore Point of View October AN ENCORE POINT OF VIEW The shift from fee-for-service to fee-for-value (FFV) brings into stark relief the need for clinical decision support, performance Figure 1.

Summary of clinical governance

Data Governance operates as . Apr 11,  · Clinical governance is an umbrella term. It covers activities that help sustain and improve high standards of patient care. Nursing staff may already be familiar with some of these activities, quality and safety improvement, for example.

Executive Summary Clinical Governance is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of activities that ensure safe and effective healthcare.

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These activities have been grouped under four elements: Patient and public involvement Clinical effectiveness and quality. Process Stratified approach Trial-specific approach Safety reporting Members should ensure that safety reporting in clinical trials on medicinal products includes.

Summary. Greenbrook Healthcare is an innovative primary care organisation caring for NHS patients across London and the home counties. We are focussed on delivering services for NHS patients in a growing number of GP Practices, Walk-in Centres, Urgent Care Centres and community services.

Maternity Risk and Clinical Governance Manager.

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