The moon in the earthen pot by gopini karunakar

It is a strange anomaly: Hindi is the fourth-largest spoken language in the world million speakers but on Wikipedia it has a merearticles and ranks below even Nynorsk, one of the two official languages in Norway, a tiny country with a population that barely crosses five million. The average Indian language IT user has to traverse such a vast range of hurdles that it is a miracle that there is any content in Indian languages at all.

The moon in the earthen pot by gopini karunakar

Devotees performing the Gayatri Hawan! Kansas City police identified the victim as Sharath Koppu. He was shot about 7 p. Men at a nearby motel said they heard five gunshots from the direction of the restaurant. Police released a brief video of the suspect inside the restaurant moments before the shooting and asked for the community's assistance in identifying him.

Koppu was a software engineer who came to the United States in January to pursue his master's degree, wrote a cousin who established a GoFundMe account on Saturday in Koppu's name.

He had a great sense of humor and always made people laugh and was always eager to lend a helping hand," wrote the cousin, Raghu Chowdavaram, in the description of the GoFundMe account.

The moon in the earthen pot by gopini karunakar

A sticker on the front door announced surveillance cameras are in place, presumably as a means to deter crime. The worker at the restaurant didn't wish to be named, but he described to The Star what he saw on extended surveillance footage that has not been made public. UMKC has reached out to Koppu's family in India, and counseling services are available to the university community, according to a statement released Saturday afternoon.

As people ducked or ran for cover around him, Koppu bolted directly away from the suspect, toward the back of the store. He said Koppu didn't know how to work the register.

Koppu died shortly after being taken to a hospital. Mauli Agrawal offered his own condolences in a tweet Saturday evening. Three or four customers were in the store at the time of the attempted robbery, the man said, as well as several employees behind the counter.

Another worker at the restaurant Saturday, tears streaming down her face, screamed at the unfairness of Koppu's early death, how he didn't have I wish to share my deepest sympathy and condolences with the family and friends of Sharath Koppu, a UMKC student who fell victim to senseless violence.

Anyone with information about the identity of the suspect is urged to call the TIPS Hotline at or through the app at www. PTI, July 02, - IndianAmerican Vivek Lall has been named to a key federal aviation advisory committee which provides guidance to the Trump administration on the future of the airspace system.

Lall, 49, currently vicepresident at Lockheed Martin, would be representing the viewpoints of defence tech- nology organisations in the NextGen Advisory Committee of the Department of Transportation.

The committee advises the government on topics including, but not limited to, NextGen investment priorities, capability deployment timing, equipage incentives, specific technologies, and deployments such as DataComm, National Airspace System performance metrics, and air- space design initiatives.

Mr Lall, a globally renowned aerospace scientist, has been appointed for a two-year term on the committee that provides guidance on wide-ranging topics affecting the US and the global aviation community.

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The touching story of an Indian family of seven, which was "living like prisoners" in the UAE, has led to several people coming forward with job offers and assistance from the Indian mission here. Officials of India's Consulate in Dubai approached the family in Sharjah on Friday and offered them help in "documentation as requested by the family", Sumathi Vasudev, Consul consular and labour and Acting Consul-General of the Indian Consulate General in Dubai, told.

Madhusudhanan, 60, from Kerala, and his Sri Lankan wife Rohini, 55, had claimed to be "living like prisoners" in Sharjah and sought help from the UAE government to legalise their residency status fearing arrest and deportation.

Their four daughters - Ashwathy, 29, Sangeetha, 25, Shanthi, 23, Gauri, 22 - and one son, Mithun, 21, have never been to school in their lifetime. They all are unemployed Vasudev said that "four out of five children have passports. But the passports have expired since However, Madhusudhanan has a valid passport.

Asked how would Madhusudhanan's wife be assisted as she is a Sri Lankan national, the official said that she will be assisted by Sri Lankan Consulate once Madhusudhanan's status is legalised.

Earlier, Khaleej Times reported last Thursday that the family do not even have enough to eat and there are days when they have to survive on a packet of quboos Arabic bread.

Madhusudhanan came to the UAE in as a worker. He married Rohini in All the children have been homeschooled by their mother and now can read and write. When asked why he did not want to leave the country by availing the general amnesty declared inandMadhusudhanan had said he did not want to split his family.

She is a Sri Lankan and does not have an Indian passport. My children are attached to their mother and they cannot live without her. I had to stay to keep my family together," he had said.

The couple said they hope to legalise their status and enroll children in some vocational courses as they have lived in the UAE for nearly four decades. DUBAI Jun 23, Fourteen Punjabis and one person from Bihar, who were awarded capital punishment in two separate cases of bootlegging and murder, were saved from the gallows by Dubai-based hotelier and philanthropist.

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While 14 have already been reunited with their families, one is expected to return in a few days as his documents are still being prepared. He said bootlegging was leading to clashes between groups and if somebody dies in a clash, it would lead to capital punishment due to tough laws of the land.Give your baby boy a Hindu name that would define his personality.

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The moon in the earthen pot by gopini karunakar

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The synthesis of an ionic liquid-supported olefin metathesis catalyst derived from Grubb's ruthenium carbene complex is described.

This new supported catalyst has been used in BMI·PF6 solvent, and this allowed success in solving the challenging problem of catalyst recycling. The IL catalyst in BMI·PF6 can be recovered and reused up to 10 consecutive cycles in RCM reactions of several dienes.

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