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Most often innovation dies and the company coasts for years on momentum and its brand.

Tim cook leader

Apple under Tim Cook: From a certain distance, Apple does look unchanged. There is that same focus on standout hardware and design, and the same secrecy around those efforts.

Customers still flock to Apple stores to buy up the latest shiny gadget with a screen. Behind the scenes, however, Apple's culture has changed noticeably, both for the better and the worse, according to interviews with more Tim cook leader half a dozen former Apple employees, several of whom spoke on condition of anonymity, citing Apple's famous emphasis on secrecy.

Apple says it now pays women, men, whites and minorities equally Nearly every employee praised Cook, previously Apple's COO, for being a savvy operator who deftly manages a complex global business and its relationship with suppliers, retailers and investors.

But that's Tim cook leader not what Cook will be known for. If Jobs put a dent in the universe through Apple's coveted products, Cook is making his mark by highlighting the importance of social efforts: LGBT rightsphilanthropycorporate diversityrenewable energy and improving manufacturing conditions abroad.

Under Cook's leadership, Apple finally began matching charitable contributions from employees, which had long been a sore spot for staff. Teams are encouraged to be more aware of Apple's supply chain and any red flags they might notice on trips abroad, according to one former employee.

Another employee said there was definitely a "louder environmental voice" inside the company pushing it to be greener. Apple slips as worries about iPhone sales linger By putting social justice front and center, Cook may make Apple a more attractive brand for employees and customers.

However, this must be weighed against what Apple has lost in recent years.

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Gone is the feeling of a small, nimble company run by a visionary founder who can single-handedly make major product, design and marketing decisions on his own. All the big decisions were made with relatively few people," says Ken Segall, the former Apple ad man who worked closely with Jobs for years and helped create the "Think Different" campaign.

Apple hadfull-time employees as of the end of Septembernearly doubling from the 60, employees it reported having in Septembershortly after Cook took over, according to annual filings with the SEC.

We have talked about things and been more transparent about what we're doing," Cook said in a recent interview with The Washington Post, when asked how Apple's culture has changed. The company is four times larger [by revenue since ]. Yet even small product and design teams saw their numbers grow in a way that Jobs typically resisted.

Apple's Tim Cook on his mistakes and what the future holds "It felt like a different place fundamentally," said one former employee, whose team grew from a dozen to well over during his few years there before leaving in Cook, not known for his product sensibility, leans more on executives like design chief Jony Ive and head of software engineering Craig Federighi to oversee product decisions, according to former employees.

Steve had that and he was a brutal enforcer of his taste," says Segall. Some of his people have it and some don't. It's also a vision and push for the next big thing. There's now a feeling among some Apple insiders that the company is just running the same product playbook that Jobs created in his final years at the helm.

But, he adds, "just because everybody is looking for new doesn't mean it's not working. The iPhone that Jobs debuted to the world in fueled Apple's rise to become the most valuable company, but nothing lasts forever.

As of right now, there is no other Apple hardware device to pick up the slack.

Tim cook leader

Sales of the Apple Watch, the one big new product of Cook's tenure, are already said to be declining. Five years after Jobs, Apple's cracks are starting to show. A former executive described listening to a current Apple employee complain about a feeling of "turning the crank" for one similar product after another -- a far cry from the late s when Apple seemed to be pushing out a steady stream of ambitious new products.

At one point, the executive says he grabbed his former colleague by the shoulder and said, "Look, Steve is dead. He's not coming back.

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You can't keep thinking this will be like it was. You've got to move on.Tim Cook was born Timothy D. Cook in the small town of Robertsdale, Alabama, on November 1, In March , Tim Cook (Cook), the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of technology giant, Apple Inc.

(Apple), was named as the “world’s greatest leader” by Fortune magazine.

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The case study is about Cook and his leadership at Apple. Apple’s Tim Cook named ‘World’s Greatest Leader’ by Fortune, opines on post-Jobs era Posted by Evan Selleck on Mar 26, in Apple News, Tim Cook Following the transition from operations manager at Apple, to becoming the company’s CEO, Tim Cook has had a .

Much as Tim Cook said last week, the legendary tech leader didn’t want anything to do with the social networking site either. By Kara Swisher @karaswisher Apr 2, , pm EDT Share Tweet Share. Tim Cook Is a Better CEO Than Steve Jobs, According to This Surprising Metric Steve Jobs looms large in our collective mythos, but Tim Cook may be the true unicorn.

By Geoffrey James Contributing. Tim Cook, Cupertino, California.

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