Vce english context essay

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Vce english context essay

The essay will relate to a theme such as conflict, identity, justice, whose reality or imaginary landscapes. Basically, your essay will consist of a string of evidence, but the evidence you select and the way you organise and string your evidence together and link it to the prompt makes the difference.

In other words, what connections are you making to your chosen text?

Vce english context essay

How are you interpreting the evidence? What conclusions are you drawing from the evidence? What similarities are evident? What contrasts are evident? See, Writing Better Essays, Evidence and reasoning strategies, pp. You need a collection of anecdotal and real-life stories as well as a sample of professional observations, quotes and remarks.

We can also include examples of characters from other texts that you have studied in school. The story should be presented in such a way as to elicit an emotional response and perhaps even a humorous one.

Most importantly, there must be a clear link to the prompt.

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It must be meaningful. Expert or professional advice, research, quotes and surveys: Higher order reasoning skills: The next stage is to evaluate and interpret the evidence.

What does it explain with regards to the prompt? What similarities are evident among the various examples?

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What are the differences? Are there any contradictions or unusual examples? Gather some quotes from well-known people or from poems or proverbs that reflect the point of the anecdote.

Sometimes a quote is worth a whole paragraph. Some examples are more complicated than others.

Vce english context essay

It is a good idea to start with the most obvious and straightforward example and then show a progression of ideas and thoughts, building to the more complex or those that show a contradiction or some ambiguity.

Again your choice of evidence and organisation is critical to a clear, insightful and interesting essay.English & EAL. Find all our blogs on everything to do with English and EAL.

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VCE - Year 12 - English High-scoring Medea text response. Topic: The lesson of Medea is that civilised men ignore at their peril the world of .

Writing Essays Years 11 VCE Task: Writing in context: (exploring themes) By now, you will be familiar with a text response essay, that is an expository/analytical essay focussing specifically on a text’s themes and characters.

That reaction you make when you fail VCE trial exams in reading time Join VCE Discussion Space for more notes and essays. Context Essay Structure – VCE English By Lauren White in Study 14th of July The Context Area of Study in English is what I like to call the Vegemite part of this subject.

You either love it .

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